Bellingham Land & Commercial Real Estate

Bellingham's Pacific Northwest location is still home to many square miles of pristine land. With populations now at a steady rate of increase in Whatcom County, so too is there an increase in the demand for new housing, new communities, and all the necessities and amenities that both spur and accompany such growth.

As a thriving city that has only recently been rediscovered, Bellingham has a variety of exciting development opportunities, ranging from existing commercial and industrial properties, to acres of forest and farmland, to real estate in areas zoned for commercial and/or industrial use.

Office/commercial choices range from 3000+ square feet of executive office space in a brand new building, to over 10,000 square feet of commercial/office space in 3 beautiful turn-of-the-century buildings downtown. Industrial properties of $1 million plus run from small acreages with 9,000 square feet of warehouse/industrial building space, to brand new warehouses of up to 15,000 square feet complete with office space & amenities.

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